Angela Marie Harp was born and raised in San Diego, California. She moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 2001 to study and work as an English teacher and never left! She is now a citizen of both countries. Living in Zurich has allowed her to flourish as a communications expert and live out her passion for languages and writing. She is fluent in German, Swiss German and French. And although she truly misses the beach and year-round sunshine, she has learned to appreciate winters in the Swiss alps. 


Angela completed her Master's degree in English, French and comparative literature at the University of Zurich. She also holds a double Bachelor's degree in English and French literature from the University of California at Davis, where during her studies she participated in a student exchange program for a year at the Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III, France. Angela has also taken several courses to further her education, including writing courses at Stanford University, California.

Professional Experience

Starting out as an English teacher and executive coach, Angela worked for a number of language schools, including Berlitz, specializing in TOEFL, GMAT and Cambridge ESOL exam preparation. Wanting to focus more on writing, she took on a brief internship in the editorial team of an expat lifestyle magazine. This experience helped her land a job in the Corporate Communications department at Credit Suisse AG, Zurich where she spent several years working as an editor and a communication specialist on global communication efforts. Joining ETH Zurich as a senior communication specialist and editor, Angela was responsible for internationalizing the university's communications, which included the task of launching the intranet and a staff magazine in English. This experience led to the exciting opportunity to start her own adventure.